For a long time I have wanted to decorate my walls with something unique. First I thought about having some travelling photos printed out and frame them on the walls. But then I bought a big wall sticker in the shape of a world map that I wanted to put on a wall. However I thought it would take up quite some wall space and then I would only be able to put it up on one wall. Then I decided to divide the world map into continents (minus Antarctica since that did not come with the map unfortunately) and stick the pieces to canvasses which I would then be able to hang wherever.

I also had some photos printed out as Polaroids which I have pinned to the map indicating the places that I have been travelling to.

Everytime I go to a new place from now on, I will take a picture (like the above) have it printed out and pin it to the map. I now have six different wall pieces that I have hung in the different rooms of the house – that way there is always something to look at and remember.
I am so happy about my world map and it makes me smile everytime I look at one of the canvasses. It both makes me remember the awesome experiences that I have had and motivates me to travel again to see new places so I can fill out my canvasses with more pictures.


The Polaroids were printed by (Update: Unfortunately, they have closed shop – but there are several other online print-shops with fairly cheap options)
World Map Wall Sticker – Medium size matches the below canvas sizes.
Canvas (Sizes (cm): 40×50 (16×20 inches) (x2), 50X50 (20×20 inches), 50X60 (20×24 inches), 70×90 (28×36 inches) (x2)) (International)


DIY World Map Wall Sticker

I cut out all the different continents (using a map to make sure I did it right). And then I took each peace and placed it on the different canvasses according to size:

South America (40×50)

North America (70×90)

Asia (50×60)

Europe (70×90)

Oceania (40×50)

Africa (50x50cm)


These maps now both delights me with all the places that my partner and I have visited and they motivate me to travel again to add more polaroids!

– Josephine