After a stressful period with exams and work I finally had some time to start creating new projects again. The first idea I got came from looking at the empty coffee containers from all the coffee I have been consuming…

Besides the coffee containers I also bought some small glass containers a long time ago for my spice rack. They are from a Danish store called “Sinnerup” and the brand is “Openmind”. However, I never got around to using them because they all had this little label on the front that I didn’t want and I at first didn’t know how to properly remove the glue. I made a post and a video on how to properly and very easily remove sticky residue which you can find here.

This picture shows how I transformed one of my kitchen cupboards into a neat Spice Rack. It just looks so much better with the consistency of the Glass Containers.

What You’ll Need

Glass Coffee Containers (Merrild Café Noir) or other
Chalkboard Wallsticker
Lacquer Thinner (Any hardware store for instance Lowe’s)
A pair of scissors or a utility knife


First you will need to clean the containers. Remove any labels and glue. You can use Lacquer Thinner to remove glue residue.


Plan how you want the Chalkboard Stickers to be. I wanted them to be completely round for the Coffee Containers and because I had two sizes of Coffee Containers I wanted to sizes of circles. I used a Coffee Cup and a Plant Holder.
For the Spice Containers I went with a small rectangle.


Cut out the stickers.


Apply them to your containers and Voilà!

Let me know if you decide to make your own Chalkboard Containers. I would love to see it 🙂

– Josephine