For a while now, I have been working on creating a proper work space for me at home. I finally made some space in our “walk-in-closet”-styled spare bedroom, so now I just have to decorate it – which is the fun part 🙂
Now, I really like to create new or improved things out of stuff I already have in my home, because I really like to save money.. (or to just spend on something else…) So I’m trying to decorate my home as cheaply and easily as possible without it actually looking cheap. I’m therefore trying to re-use as many decorative items as I can and make them look new and stylish.

This DIY is based on an old IKEA dresser that I’ve had for several years now. However, I didn’t really like it matched the style that I was going for, so I decided to to change it a bit and give it a second chance.

It’s a fairly simple project.

Here’s what you’ll need:

⁕ Chest of drawers (mine’s from IKEA)
⁕ Leather band (eBay 10mm – Affiliate link)
⁕ Screwdriver
⁕ Pair of scissors


 The first thing I wanted to do was to remove the ugly wheels. These were fairly easy to remove using a screwdriver.


Then, in order to attach the new legs I made a hole in each corner. Make sure to match it up to where you want the pegs to be. I made sure to make the hole a little inwards so that the sides of the pegs would align to the sides of the dresser.
I made sure to make the holes just the right size as the screw to the pegs so that I could simply screw the pegs into the underside of the dresser through that hole.


Now for the handles: I had some leather band lying around so I decided to cut out pieces that are about 2 cm longer than the original handle bars.


Make holes according to where the screws need to be placed. What I really like about creating these handles is that you can just use the screws from the existing handle bars! I just used a needle to make the initial puncture and then a pair of scissors to create a larger hole. I’m sure that there are better tools out there, but I just used what I had already at hand.


With the holes in place, I attached the new handles to the dresser. In order to secure the screws I used the original handle bars by positioning them on the inside of the drawers. Of course, you could easily use a nut in the right size instead, but I just went with what I had at the time.


Here you can see the attached leather handles with the original handles on the inside.

And that’s it! From an ordinary IKEA dresser to an extra-ordinary makeup-organizer. If you’re interested you can take a look at this project that I made for the dresser to organize makeup.

– Josephine