My partner and I are invited to go to a wedding in Madrid in May 2018 – and I’m just very excited.
1 – I’ve never been to Madrid
2 – It’s a wedding… in Madrid!

Travel to Madrid | Luxury Budget

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I always like to travel as cheaply as I can but without compromising. I’m not 18 anymore, and I don’t want to sit in an airport for 8 hours just so that I can get flight tickets that are $20 cheaper. So first, I looked at which travel dates to pick compared to the price of the flights and accommodation. In general, flying out on either a Monday or Wednesday is the cheapest option, so I decided to look for that. is my preferred way of finding cheap flights. However, I always check as well, since I will then be able to get cashback through Ebates (and you get $10 by signing up using this link). This time, was the cheapest and best option:

Copenhagen – Madrid – Copenhagen: direct flights $150 per person including one piece of checked luggage to share between the two of us (we only need one). 

For accommodation, we decided that staying centrally in the city would be the best for us, since we would then be able to easily get to the wedding venue (using the metro) along with exploring the city on foot. Since, neither of us really know the city, I went onto Google Maps Street View to check out the different areas that the hotels I found were located in. It’s just a really great way to get a quick feel for the environment of a place.

My favorite website to book through is Since, I have booked through them more than 10 times, I have become a “Genius” member, which means that I get 10% off selected hotels. Another bonus is that I get 4% cashback through Cashrewards (and you get $5 if you sign up using this link). Win-Win!

The hotel that we will be staying at is the Oriente Palace Apartments, which is definitely not the cheapest option in Madrid but the the value for money along with the beautiful charm of both the hotel and the little park right next to it and the very central position of the hotel makes it a very reasonable choice. And now I just can’t wait to stay there!

Oriente Palace apartments

I mean… it just looks wonderful and luxurious.. and lavish without being too expensive. We booked a standard double room that has a kitchenette (great for saving money on food) and without the possibility to change the booking – which makes it cheaper but if you are unsure about staying there or the exact dates – I wouldn’t recommend it. I have lost money on a non-refundable booking that I had to cancel and it sucks!

Travel Math – Total

Flights: $300

Hotel: $868

Cashback (4% through Cashrewards): $51

Total: $1117

As I stated before, this is a luxury budget and we could have found something cheaper – but we’re comfortable creatures and like to treat ourselves. And all the pros of choosing this hotel were overwhelming – so there you go. After getting the practical arrangements in order, I now have the time to focus on deciding what to see and experience while we’re there. If you have any suggestions – please let me know!

~ Josephine

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