In Australia it’s spring – and that means spring break woo hoo (anyone else remembers that gem from Friends?) My plans for this week? Doing absolutely nothing… except focusing on DIY projects and I am so excited.
That’s why I kicked my Friday off my going on a mini shopping spree for things to be creative with. Any excuse to go shopping right?! 😉
I went to Typo (my favorite shop here in Brisbane) and Lincraft. Here’s what I got:

From Typo I bought three cute A5 notebooks with different motives, a turquoise pen and a small box of wooden pegs.
From Lincraft I bought some black twine and a couple of sharpies (in bronze and silver)

I also did a little online shopping on eBay where I got two rolls of contact paper: One in marble and one in copper.
Warning! You might begin to see several things being transformed into copper or marble the next couple of weeks…

I also got this cute water bottle from Typo. Now, I can take that with me every time I go exploring 🙂
I hope you are all enjoying your week (spring break or not).

– Josephine