Smart shopping – Shop more for Less

This is for everyone who wants to be able to get more out of their online shopping. If you’re like me and loves shopping on line even if it’s just once in a while or all the time, you’d probably not complain too much about saving a little extra when you do shop. I’ve found that if you’re just a little smart about your online shopping – you can actually save quite a lot of money.

1. Sign Up for Newsletters

One very simple way to ensure that you get offers directly to your e-mail is by signing up for newsletters on the websites that carry the products that you are interested in (fashion, tech, beauty etc.)

2. Students – Sign Up for MyUnidays

MyUnidays is a really great site for students to get good discounts. Once you sign up using your student email (you have to be a student), you can login and see all the discounts. I have used it many times and always check it before making any online purchase.

3. Sign Up for Cashback Websites

There are several websites that offer cashback on your online purchases. I use:

Ebates (Get $10 when you spend $25 through this link)

Ebates Cash Back screenshot


Cashrewards (you get $5 for free when signing up using this link)

4. Buy through deal sites

Always, do a little research before purchasing something. I use deal sites such as Groupon (where you get cashback from Ebates as well). The amount of emails they send can be a bit overwhelming, but oftentimes you can select to get fewer emails – otherwise you’ll end up deleting them without reading them.

5. Combine steps and save!

In order to save the most on your purchase, look for combining all the above steps.

The trickiest part of this is to remember to look for savings. Turn it in to a habitat to check the above steps every time you look to buy stuff online. These savings are not just for clothes or hardware etc. but for flights and hotels as well. Save some money and spend it on traveling instead 😉 See my post on how to travel cheap!

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