I love shopping! Especially online shopping, where I can sit at home or wherever and find things that I like without stressing. Another great thing about shopping online is that it is so easy to find great deals. In this post I will share with you, how I get the most out of my money when shopping online. It’s not difficult, you just have to know where to look.



There are plenty of websites that gather coupons for almost every online store. Some of my favorite places to find coupons are:
Otherwise you can also just type in: “[Name of webshop] coupon” to Google and see what you get.


Student Discounts

If you are a student, you should definitely sign up for MyUnidays.Here you can find student discounts for a lot of different websites like Asos, Sephora and The North Face, just to name a few and it depends on which country you live in.



A big part of getting the most out of your money is cashback. I have just recently started using this concept and it is just genius. Every time you buy something online, you go through a website (Ebates etc.), click on a link and you will get a cash reward as a percentage of your purchase.
One of the most well-known places to get cashback is Ebates.It works globally and has a webapp that will tell you, when you are on a website that will give you cashback.

So simple – just click the button in the top right corner
They have a web app that will automatically register when you are visiting a webshop that offers cashback. If you go through this link, create an account and installs their web app, you will get a bonus of 5 AUD put into your account 🙂

How it looks like

Remember, you should find a cashback website that offers cashback for your favorite web shops.
The cool thing is that it is not limited to clothes or designer items but to travel, hotels and groceries as well.
If you go through both MyUnidays or use a coupon AND then get a cashback, you are saving a lot of money: Up to 50% just by going through the right websites!
I hope you find this useful. Let me know, if you have other tips for shopping cheap.

– Josephine