I love nature, especially here in the spring I love going to the forest and enjoying all the plants, trees and animals. What I really want to do is to implement that into my own home. Also I was inspired by a project that I did a while back: The Bath Mat Project where I still had some rocks leftover.
One problem with using natural rocks is that it is very hard to put them together to create a completely covered look. Therefore I decided to paint the coasters copper an place the rocks more sporadic.
The coasters I actually bought a long time ago but I just didn’t know what to do with them until I made the bath mat, then I just got completely obsessed with using stones for well, everything πŸ™‚


Flat Rocks – For this purpose it is important that you use flat stones and it is enough with one tile.
Foam Brush or an ordinary Cleaning Sponge



Start by painting the coasters with copper or whichever color you prefer. As you can see I used an ordinary cleaning sponge (I didn’t have anything else at the time but it worked out perfectly and it gave the coasters a really cool look). And it’s cheap πŸ˜‰


Let the paint dry. In the meantime lay out the rocks that you want to use on the coasters and try to put them together so that they look good and fit the size and shape of the coasters.


Once the paint is dry you can go ahead and start gluing the rocks to the coasters. What I did was to minimze the number of stones so that the base color (copper) is more visible. However, you can also try and cover up as much of the coasters for a different look. The important thing to remember here is that you will need to end up with an even surface to put your glasses or cups on, if that’s what you are going to use them for of course.

Enjoy your new coasters!

– Josephine