Since the beginning of our relationship, Mark and I have talked about getting a dog. We both love dogs and have both had dogs at our parents’. However, since we’ve always been travelling we figured that we would wait. After arriving home from Australia and New Zealand we figured, why not now?
Meet the latest member of our little family: Leeroy (Jenkins anyone?!)

He’s a Pembroke Welsh Corgi – tricolor and with tail. I had been following breeders online to see when there would be puppies available. I finally found a breeder with a planned litter where both corgi parents were with tail and tricolor (which is what we wanted). So I called up the breeder and she said that she would contact me once the puppies had been delivered.
A couple of weeks later she called and told me that they had had 4 healthy puppies. When the puppies were three weeks old we went to go see them and instantly fell in love with the one called Balder.

Bringing home a new family member is always a big deal and requires lots of planning. We went and got a lot of stuff (crate, food, play toys, tennis balls, blankets, food bowls, name tag and a lead) and started prepping our home (removing things that we didn’t want destroyed).
We had made sure to give the breeder a small cage and blanket, so that the puppy could get used to it before we took him on the drive home. Of course, he was still very unsure about the whole situation so I had to keep him entertained.
The first night he woke several times and even though we had put him in our room, we discovered that he was much more comfortable in the laundry room – because of the cool tiles.
It’s now been four weeks and he’s getting soo big! He has already doubled his weight from when we first got him!

– Josephine