As a Product Development Engineer I have worked with various different kinds of projects and in different roles. I have designed and developed completely new concepts – from idea to final product.

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Full-time student at SDU


Bachelor Project – The Modular Bed

The Problem Statement for my Bachelor Project was to create a bed that would cut down production time and costs.
I solved this by creating a modular bed that can be used for multiple mattress sizes thus minimizing the number of different sizes to be manufactured. The bed frame is made of extruded aluminum profiles that can easily be connected.
The final project included: From sketch to final concept, detail drawings, project budget, market analysis, and future plan.

Industrial Design – Modern Take on a Traditional Kitchen Object

Re-designing the traditional manual whisk with new materials while keeping the original aesthetics.

Industrial Design – STOOR

I created STOOR as part of an assignment where we were to create a new or re-design an existing product. I chose to solve the problem of the “messy clothes chair” by creating a new concept that can be used as both storage and for decoration. I actually ended up creating this project at home using simple materials from the hardware store.

MiR Student Project – Service Robot

As part of a student project, we were to create the shell of a service robot for the company: Mobile Industrial Robots. MiR100 was their first product and needed to be designed while taking into account the sensors and the possibility of added modules.

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