We are settling in to our new apartment but still needed to personalize it a bit. Therefore, I had some pictures developed as Photo Booth styled pictures via Polabora.They offer free worldwide shipping and I have used them to print other photos as Polaroid-styled photos as well and it works great!
EDIT 12-09-2016: I have just discovered that they actually offer Mini Squares, where you can have 24 photos printed.
EDIT 02-10-2017: Polabora has unfortunately closed shop. However, there are several other online shops to use.

My personalized fridge magnets

These are so simple to make and only require:
Photos in the shape and size that you want
Magnetic Sheet – I got mine from Riot(in Australia), but you can buy it online here on Blick.
Scissors OR Craft knife


Cut out the photos.


Outline the photos on the back of the Magnetic Sheet.


Cut out the shapes.


Peel off back paper.


Attach photo to magnet.


Cut off excess.



I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I am going to be making some more magnets soon – I just bought some clay that I want to play around with a little 🙂

– Josephine