This post will give you an overview of all the tips and tricks that I have picked up through extensive research into the subject of weight loss and my own personal experiences. A quick and important disclaimer: I am not an educated health specialist or weight loss coach. I have just been very interested in my own weight loss and how I could optimize it.
After I finished writing this post I realized that it goes beyond the subject of weight loss and into the subject of well being and happiness. So, use it to help your weight loss or maybe to change other perspectives of your life 🙂

1. Use a food diary.

I personally use My Net Diary (both web and app (IOS) (Android) and have found this to be extremely helpful and I would probably never have lost any weight at all without. The problem is that I initially had no idea how many calories were in my food so naturally I didn’t know how much I was actually eating. Other than that keeping a food journal is really motivating, because you have to write everything down and when you see the calories in writing – you probably won’t want is as much.

2. Figure out how many calories are in your baking.

If you like baking just half as much as I do, this is a really good tip. Normally I would have no idea how many calories are in the buns or cakes I make, but if I type in all the ingredients, I can make a custom recipe and use it the same way as normal. This has really helped me because I was extremely surprised at how many calories was actually in what I was baking.

3. Plan ahead

Sometimes, I want to eat healthy but if I don’t have any healthy options in my home then I will (gladly) go to the unhealthy options. Therefore, make sure that you always have a variety of healthy food options. That means that you have to plan your shopping and remember: Try not to go grocery shopping when you are hungry because this will make it so extremely difficult not to buy any unhealthy and quick fix foods.

4. Push yourself to exercise

Some days I am just not in the mood to exercise however, once I get out there I almost always end up being really happy that I did it. Sometimes of course, I will still not enjoy it by the end of it because it’s just one of those days but mostly it will end up good. What I do, is that I tell myself to just put on my workout clothes. Once I have those on it is much easier to get out the door.
Another motivational factor is that I can indulge a little bit more if I have done my workout and still feel good about myself 🙂

5. Train with a partner

As an extension to the previous tip: It can be extremely helpful to workout with a partner. I sometimes work out with my boyfriend who is extremely good at pushing me to my limits – often it is not his intention but just having him there to workout with automatically makes me want to push myself. This also makes it easier to push yourself to work out even if you don’t want to because now you have made a commitment to work out and if you don’t honor that commitment it doesn’t only affect you but another person as well. (Just a little motivation from your conscience 😉 )

6. Start cooking/ preparing your meal before you get really hungry.

Sometimes, I forget to start preparing my meals before I get really hungry and then I really don’t want to spend time cooking so I reach for the quickest option which is more often than not unhealthy. It’s not that I necessarily crave anything unhealthy but if it is the easiest way to fill my stomach then I will often go for it. But if I start preparing my meal the minute I begin to feel hungry, then I won’t mind (as much) waiting for my food to be ready.

7.  Get rid of all the easy access sweets

One of the biggest reasons that slip up and eat sweets is that it is easy and convenient. If it is just lying there in the cupboard then it is the easiest for me to start eating. Therefore, get rid of all the sweets and fill your cupboard and refrigerator with healthy options. What I like to have is different kinds of fruit, carrots, cottage cheese, ham and müsli bars.

8. Try not to weigh-in everyday

This is a hard one. Believe me, I know. Of course, you want to see results right away, you want to know that what you are doing is helping. However, there are some problems with weighing yourself everyday:


You will not see a “positive” result everyday. Sometimes you carry more water weight than others and you might discourage yourself if the scale doesn’t move.


You end up being too focused on the scale and not the lifestyle that you are trying to change. I know that I would be able to loose a lot of weight fast if I didn’t care about my health. However, I do care and I want to loose the weight AND to keep it off. Therefore, I have to change my lifestyle and if I focus too much on the numbers on the scale instead of how my body feels, then I am not going to achieve my goals.

9. Focus on your happiness and wellness – not your weight

Naturally, for many people (myself included) the weight is a big part of my happiness and wellness. Especially in the summer when all the miniskirts and bikinis come out and I don’t feel comfortable in either. However, what I try to focus on is my happiness: If I am not happy doing what I do, then I won’t do it. That goes for every aspect of my life: my body, my work, my relationships. If I am not happy with the way I eat, then I will change it. Therefore, I am not going to go on a super strict diet to loose weight because I know that that won’t make me happy. Instead I am trying to change my perspective on the food I eat so that I will be happy with eating more healthy than what I am doing now.

That’s the end of this post – for now. I hope that you got some inspiration from this. Please let me know if you have discovered other tips and tricks to succeeding with your diet.