This project actually came about because I was moving all my stuff back into the apartment and ended up with a couple of used cardboard boxes and a lot of makeup just rolling around the drawers.
So I decided to make a DIY makeup organizer for the drawers to divide them into smaller compartments.

For this DIY project you’ll need these items:

Marble Contact Paper (Amazon – Affiliate Link)
⁕ Cardboard-box (online shopping anyone?!)
⁕ A pair of scissors OR a utility knife


Measure the length and width of the drawer (if you want to place it in one) and determine how you want the smaller compartments to be. Play around with it a bit.


Start cutting out all the pieces of cardboard.


Cut out pieces of the Marble Contact Paper to match each piece of cardboard.

And then attach the Marble Contact Paper to all the pieces. These are the ones that I ended up with. I also created a bottom-piece to hold the entire thing, making sure that it fit into the drawer width and length.


Determine where you want your pieces to go. I did it freehand and then just divided the large piece into how many “side-pieces” (the small ones) that I wanted.


Once you know where all the pieces are supposed to go, you can start gluing them together and onto the base plate. I recommend gluing each piece onto the base plate first and then connect each of them as you go along. Simply because the glue dries fast and if you try to glue all the pieces together first and then onto the base plate – it will be tricky.


That’s it! Now get to organizing your makeup!


I also created another Makeup Organizer and covered it in Blackboard Contact Paper. But to be honest, I like the Marble one a lot better.

Well, that’s it for this tutorial. Hopefully it’ll be useful to someone…

– Josephine