One of the things that I brought with me back home from Australia was a little marbled cardboard box that I used to store all of my jewelry. Now, naturally all of my earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces were just lying in one big pile in the box. So, when I got back home I decided to use the marbled box to create a real Jewelry Box.

This really doesn’t look that good..

What you’ll need:

⁕ A box (if you don’t like the look of the one you have or can’t find a marbled one, then take a look at how you can make your own – it’s very easy).
⁕ Fabric (I used felt, but you can use a old towel or scraps you have lying around)
⁕ Fabric to cover (I used a black satin fabric which goes well with the marble look)
⁕ Scissors


Measure and cut pieces of fabric (I used felt) to match the width of the box. The length of each piece should be so that when you roll it up, the roll has the same width as a ring.

Roll up the pieces and start placing them in the box. If you want to glue on the small rolls to the jewelry box, wait until the next step.


Measure up and cut the fabric to cover the rolls. The width should be the same as the box and the length should be approximately 3 times the length of the box (it’s better to make it longer and then cut off the ends)


Now, start by folding the fabric around the first roll and then glue the bottom of the fabric onto the jewelry box. Then, start pressing down the fabric between each roll – first placing a line of glue along the box and then pressing down the fabric.

I just used my fingers to get the fabric down between the rolls and then used the other hand to keep the fabric steady.


When you reach the last roll, take the roll up and place the fabric all the way (3/4 the way) just like the first one you did, and then glue it to the jewelry box.

And the finished result:

With the more organized jewelry:

Obviously, this still only covers my earrings. I’m still working on creating a DIY project for the rest of my jewelry.

– Josephine