Creating a beautiful aesthetic in your home doesn’t necessarily have to be too difficult. By changing just a few things and making sure to keep an overall theme – you’ll have a beautiful home in no time. This DIY project is very easy yet super effective. Learn how you can create your own Marbled Boxes (or any other pattern or color!).

This DIY project is super easy and only requires few materials + tools. What you’ll need:
⁕ A cardboard box
⁕ Marble Contact Paper(Amazon – Affiliate link)
⁕ A pair of scissors OR a utility knife
⁕ A cutting / hobby board


Lie the large side of the box (top or bottom part) against the back of the Marble Contact Paper


Start cutting the Marble Contact Paper like you see in the picture below. Make sure to not cut off the small triangles, these will be used to cover the corners.


Remove the entire back of the Marble Contact Paper and carefully place the box on top of it. Make sure to align it to the cuts you made before. Then attach the triangle pieces to the corners of the box. This is basically just to make sure that even if the sides are a bit uneven, you won’t be able to see the box underneath the contact paper.

Then attach each side of the box – make sure to keep it straight. What I did was that I rotated the box from the bottom side to one of the sides, without lifting it. That way the contact paper goes on smoothly.


Do the same for all sides and corners and then do the other part of the box (unless you want to keep it to create another design)

And, there you go! I really liked doing this, because it is fairly easy, doesn’t require much and instantly changes the entire aesthetic!

– Josephine