Love – is like a beautiful flower which I may not touch but whose fragrance makes the garden a place of delight just the same

For my latest project I decided to finally make these cute light bulb vases. A long time ago I saw some pictures on Pinterest of light bulbs used as terrariums and other artistic ideas but I just never got around to actually make them myself. Until now…

What You’ll need:

Light Bulbs (I used some old Light Bulbs that I had lying around) You can get them at Etsy, Ebay, and I also found them in Coles Supermarket the other day.
Thin Rope/Copper Wire


Remove the small silver plate at the bottom of the light bulb.


Remove the dark glass – Careful not to get the small glass splinters in your fingers. What I did was to grab this copper thread and pressing it into the light bulb and that way break the glass.


Remove the inner parts of the light bulb. It is necessary to break the inner parts in order to get them out. As you can see in the picture below I used a set of pliers to break the glass by pushing it down and wiggling around a bit. Again be careful – you don’t want to break the light bulb.


Once the inner parts have been removed the vase is essentially done. At this point it’s just a matter of what you want to do with it. I decided to try out two things: A Hanging Vase and A Standing Vase.


Hanging Vase: Grab a nail and a hammer and carefully make a hole through the base of the Light Bulb.


Then you can easily pull string through both of the holes and you have a hanging vase.


Standing Vase: Grab the Copper Thread and use the Light Bulb as a base to wrap the Copper Thread around.

That’s it! I’m thinking that these hanging vases would be great for an outdoor party. Another idea is to paint the light bulbs. Especially the older ones that have gone a little yellowish.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial 🙂

– Josephine