One of the things that I love about summer is the chance to wear dresses and t-shirts and not having to cover everything up all the time. Before I go shopping for new clothes whether it is summer clothes or just “regular” clothes I always try to get as much inspiration as possible.
One of my favorite places to go for inspiration is Pinterest. From there I go through tons of websites with clothes and inspiration. I pin all the outfits that I like on a board and afterwards I will go back to that board and look at what I have chosen.
Often the different outfits will have similarities so I quickly discover the style that I am looking for and I will then go to my favorite web stores and find similar styles.

Here I will show you a couple of the outfits that I have completely fallen for this season and which have inspired me for my own summer outfits. (I will post my summer outfits for this year later on).
You can find the original pictures on the Pinterest Board at the bottom of the page.

Outfit 1:

This outfit was the first one I saw and I fell in love with it instantly. Apparently this year, I am just crazy for midi A-line skirts.
The colors of the skirt are really balanced and just fit my idea of colors for the summer.
I went and looked for this particular skirt which is actually a dress and found it on Ted Baker London’s website.
To be completely honest though, I didn’t purchase it because for me in my current situation, this dress is just a little bit too expensive. Hopefully I will eventually be able to spend that kind of money on a special dress like this 🙂
However, I did find a skirt very similar to this (in style not really the colors). It’s from Yumiand is actually on sale right now!

Outfit 2:

The next outfit I found is again very simple with just a little color. Denim is just timeless and you never go wrong with a baby, powder pink.
I especially like how the outfit is paired with that cool chunky necklace. It actually kind of reminds me of this brand I follow on Instagram: Shlimp and Ulrich. They make some awesome jewelry.
What I take away from this look is the kind-of over-sized t-shirt. Especially in the summer I can not deal with wearing tight clothes – the sweating and not being able to hide anything…

Outfit 3:

This casual look reminds me of late nights at the beach and just relaxing. I really like the loose linen track pants in that natural-looking color along with the simple t-shirt.
Unfortunately the two pieces (both from Nordstrom) aren’t available anymore so I have looked around for some alternatives. The white t-shirt is pretty easy to find, I found mine at Dress-For-Less which is one of my favorite webstores. Just a little side note: Dress-For-Less is only for the European market because everything is so expensive here. I found a similar one here from the U.S. 🙂

Outfit 4:

This flowered skirt is absolutely adorable and is actually from H&M. Unfortunately it’s from last year so I couldn’t find it anywhere. However, that type of skirt is still very much trending so I was able to find some substitutes.
I found this really cute skirt from True Violet.

Another skirt is this one from Asos which is also really cute and kind of vintage.

Outfit 5:

Another casual look: A worn-out pair of denim shorts and a low-cut blouse. And as a side note: the fishtail braid is really gorgeous.
I can’t find the source of this image and therefore sadly don’t know where to buy that shirt. However, I did find a similar one here.
Below you will see the board that I have created with all the outfits that I have pinned.