So, projects have been a little slow lately because I have been working on something completely different: Moving to Australia.
I am so excited and a little bit nervous – I mean, it’s on the other side of the Earth.

Getting my passport ready | Passport Cover from Etsy
When I was 20 I went to Namibia (Africa) and then Australia as part of a gap year. In Namibia I did some volunteer work and in Australia I went backpacking along the East coast. This was the first big trip that I did by myself and I absolutely fell in love with travelling.
A couple of years later I went on a three-month journey with my boyfriend where we visited: South Africa, Nepal, Australia and Thailand. When we were in a Australia, we went to Brisbane. One day we were walking along the river, looking at all the people and taking everything in and we talked about how it would be to live there.
Fast forward 6 months: I had begun my Master of Science in Engineering back in Denmark and I desperately wanted to travel again. I therefore applied to do a study abroad semester in Australia. After a lot of planning and worrying it has finally come together.
I can’t wait to get there and I will of course try to update you on the process both here and on Instagram.

– Josephine