I am completely in love with this giant doily – the design is so cute. In general I love all things that are either miniature versions or enlarged versions of things. This crocheted rug is created from a fairily simple recipe that can be found here. In this project two skeins of yarn was used at a time along with a 12 mm hook. In the recipe there is a possibility of choosing to make the outer edges pointy or as in this case rounded.
As for the type of yarn you will need to use a bulky type of yarn in order to create the comfy blanket look.


For this project you will need a few things which can all be found online. The color of the rug is of course completely up to you but below we have linked to the yarn used for the rug in the picture above.
Grey Yarn (Dark Grey – International) (Cobblestone Heather – US)
Beige Yarn (Taupe – International) (Hare Heather – US)
Crochet Hook (12 mm) (International) (US)
Happy crocheting!

– Josephine