This is a fun and easy tutorial on how to create your very own stylish calendar. Whether you are starting a new school year or just like to keep a diary/calendar, this is definitely worth a try.
I got a calendar from my grandmother to take it with me to Australia and use it to capture all my new adventures. It was a Mayland calendar (very popular Danish brand). The cool thing about it is that it has plastic pockets on the front and the back where you can put in pictures etc.
I decided to take out the default front and back and paint them with watercolors.

Watercolor Painting


I simply took some watercolor on to my brush and started painting the paper. Afterwards I dipped the brush in water and started dotting over the painted area. This created a very unique style.

Leaf Copper applied with a Brush


I took a thin glue and applied it onto the dried paint. I then delicately grabbed small pieces of Leaf Copper and applied it onto the glue. With my brushed I vigorously dabbed the leaf copper to create the rustic, vintage look.


I made sure to leave a bare circle in the middle to write in. I decided to do a monogram with the initials J and M. To make this as easy as possible I used a monogram that I had previously created on my computer – transferred it onto a piece of ordinary baking paper and with a pen I transferred that onto the calendar which I then drew up properly. Just like I would do as a kid – claiming that I was just really good at drawing…

My personalized Calendar

I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial and create your very own personalized calendar or notebook. If you need more inspiration, go to Pinterest, there you will find a ton of inspiration!

– Josephine