We found an apartment in the middle of Brisbane city. It’s on the 27. floor and we have the most amazing view over the city. However, getting there took some time and a couple of really stressful days.

This is our view over the city…

Before we left for Australia I had booked us a couple of nights at a hostel. Even though I had spent several hours searching for apartments online I hadn’t pursued anything, mainly because it would be impossible to make decision based on some pictures online. However, I do have a piece of advice:
Try to book inspections before you arrive. This way you will be able to go look at places to live in the first few days.
Since we did not do this it took us a couple of days before we even went to go look at apartments. A couple of days might not sound like a lot however, when you are living in a hostel that you have only booked for a short period of time then a couple of days can be really stressful.
Luckily we found a really nice place fairly quick. It is in the middle of the city which is what we were looking for. The apartment that we found is furnished which is very convenient because we did not have to spend time on buying all-new furniture.
However, moving into something where you haven’t decorated or picked out the furniture yourself can make it feel very impersonal.
I only feel at home once I have decorated it myself and added my personal style.
Therefore, the first couple of days in our new apartment was spent shopping for small, decorative items like flowers and candles.

Decorating with flowers and marquee letters

One of the very first days I found this awesome little shop called Typo. It’s right on Queen Street. It has so many funny decorative items and I will definitely be shopping there again (and again). I got these marquee letters with light bulbs and the coolest mugs!

There’s A Rather Large Change This Is Wine

Right now I am trying out different things to see what looks best. That is one of the best things about starting over in a new place: You get to design your life all over again.

– Josephine