I went to a sale in an interior design store and found these simple white ceramic cups with some text on them for a very reasonable price and I thought that I did need some new storage ideas for my makeup so I bought them. I went home, found my faithful copper spray and after a layer of primer and a layer of white paint I sprayed it copper with a white edge. Look below for a step-by-step and further down I have linked to websites where you can buy all the supplies that you need.


For this simple project you will only need a cup/container of your choosing, copper spray paint and masking tape. Maybe you already have a cup that you want to redesign but if not, you will find a link for it here along with the other supplies used.
Cup – I found this Ceramic Tumbler on Amazon
White Spray Paint from Design Master Colortool
Copper Spray Paint from Design Master Colortool
Masking Tape


1. Depending on the colour of the cup you will have to make sure that you start out with an even base. If the cup is already white then you can go ahead and start with the copper. If it is not, then you have to give it at least two layers of white paint. If the color of the cup is dark then you will need to cover it with a primer and then the white paint. Remember to let the paint dry completely before moving on to the next step.
2. When you have a completely white cup – then you can move on to taping it up where you want the white color to be. In the example photo the edge of the cup has been covered with masking tape.
3. Start spray painting the cup with your copper spray paint (or other color). Spray it a couple of times, remember to spray it the second time within an hour to prevent it from wrinkling. (This time can differ from different products so consult the back of the spray can).
4. Let it dry and there – you have a copper cup for decoration, makeup brushes or something completely different.
I hope you enjoyed this little project. Till next time 🙂

– Josephine