We have now been in Brisbane for two whole months! I can’t believe how fast time’s moving.
I’m continuously trying to create a homely feel in our hotel-apartment and at the moment I’m focusing on the kitchen (have you seen my previous post on personalized magnets?)
I actually had to create these two times, because I accidentally bought a translucent white clay and I added too much black clay, so they turned all black with no marble whatsoever… I did make the best of them though – just make sure you don’t make same mistake 🙂

My New Workspace with Marbled Magnets for Organization

What You’ll Need

If you are in Australia, you should check out Lincraft and Riot, since they both have sales at the moment (I got most of my supplies from there). Otherwise, I normally get my supplies from Hobbycraft.
FIMO soft clay (Black& White) (If you want to create more or bigger marble tiles, you should probably opt for more clay)
Piece of paper or cardboard to create the shape
Rolling pin


First you will need to decide on and create the shape that you want your magnets to be. I decided on hexagons, but they could also be round, triangles etc. Draw the shape on a piece of paper or cardboard or print it (a lot easier) and cut it with the craft knife.



Grab pieces of both the white and the black clay. Remember that the black is very intense and if you want a lither marble, the you should add very little of the black clay to the white.


Start kneading the clay to make it soft and work it until you start seeing the marbled pattern emerge.


Roll out the clay and twist it – do this several times to get the marbled look.


Roll out the clay with a rolling pin and start cutting out the shapes with your craft knife.


When all of the pieces have been cut out, place them on a baking tray and bake them according to the instructions on the back of the clay. The clay that I used had to be baked at 130 C for 30 minutes.


Once the pieces have cooled, glue on the magnets.

And you’re done!

However, as I talked about in the beginning: My first batch was not at all successful since they all came out all black. In stead of throwing them out, I decided to decorate them with a sharpie in both bronze and silver.
I’m going to use these for a different project that I will tell you about a little later on.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

– Josephine