Getting a lot of inspiration from Pinterest I saw this chalkboard on the wall in a kitchen with shelves which I thought was really cool. Therefore I wanted to do something like that myself because I have a big flat surface on the side of my fridge which wasn’t being used for anything.
I went out and bought a roll of a chalkboard sticker and some copper bars and started working on my own design.


For this project you will need a few things which can all be found online however some of them for instance the screws might be cheaper to buy at your local hardware store. The length of these screws need to be adjusted to the thickness of the surface that you are attaching the copper bars to.
Chalkboard Wallsticker (International)(US)
Split Ring Hanger (Copper) (International)(US)
Copper Pipe (International)(US) Screws (M6x16 mm) (International*) (US) Copper Wire (International)(US)
* I am not familiar with hardware stores that will ship internationally (I am sure that there are though). The cheapest option for you is to go down to your local hardware/building supplies store and buy a pack of screws.



Make sure to start out with an even surface for the wallpaper to stick to. You can apply the wallpaper to directly to the wall, on a closet door or another place with an even surface. If needed you can sand it with sandpaper.



Once this is done you will want to grab your wallsticker, remove the backside of the part that resembles the top of the surface that you are covering. Only start out with removing the backside of a small portion at a time especially if you are covering a larger area as is the case in the above pictures. Otherwise you might end up gluing the whole thing together.


Stick the top of the wallsticker to the top of the surface, making sure that it is even and aligns with the edges. If the wallsticker is bigger than the surface you can cut this after you have put up the blackboard. By adjusting the size after application you will be able to use the edges as guidelines otherwise you might end up trimming the blackboard a little too much.


Continue sticking the wallpaper to the surface by using a flat, sturdy object with a sharp edge and pressing it downwards. In this case we used a piece of cardboard however, you can also use a credit card (or other plastic card) or a (plastic) spatula.


When you reach the bottom of the surface, go back and make sure that it sticks evenly to the whole surface. Now you will need to adjust the size and cut the excess wallpaper. Make sure that you use a new and sharp blade otherwise you might ruin the edge of the wallpaper.


Now its time to mount the copper bars. First off you will have to cut the copper bars to match the width of the chalkboard. Use a hacksaw to cut the copper. The copper bars can be bought in several sizes and it is important to attune the circumference of the copper bars with the size of the Split Ring Hangers. For instance, if you want a Ø15 mm Copper Pipe then you will need a matching 15 mm  Split Ring Hangers or in US measurements around 1/2 inch. The links provided are for 1/2 inch sizes but you can choose another size if you want.


Once the Copper Pipes matches the width of the chalkboard it is time to mount the Split Ring Hangers that will hold the pipes. The hangers used in this project is made of plastic and then spraypainted however, you will be able to buy copper hangers if you wish (see links below). One hanger should be placed at each end of the pipe leaving around 5 cm (2 inches) free at each end. (See picture) Mark the spot where the hanger should be with a piece of chalk and screw the hangers to the chalkboard.


You can now mount the Copper Pipes to the chalkboard by fastening the screws in the hangers. There – you have just made your very own Chalkboard with Copper Pipes. Well done!


Now you can make hangers for the copper bars by cutting copper thread into small pieces of around 10 cm (4 inches). These pieces are bent using a leftover piece of copper pipe and a set of pliers.
 The finished hangers:


You can now start using your new chalkboard and hang up towels or other things. Another idea is to hang up plant pots. We have a tutorial for making your own chalkboard plant pots. You can hang these on your new chalkboard as well by creating some simple hangers for them. First you measure the needed length of copper thread by putting it around the lower edge of the plant pots. The size needs to be smaller for it to carry the pots. To that you should add the 10 cm (4 inches) for the hangers and 2 cm (1 inch) for securing it. Cut the copper thread in the appropriate style and start by bending one end of it (like before). You will also need to bend it in the opposite direction however, it should not bend all the way. Then you form a circle that matches the circumference (minus a bit) of the pots and secure it by wrapping the thread around it self. You might have to test the size of the holder before putting it on the chalkboard so you don’t have any accidents.
Finished result:

There you go! Happy DIY-ing 🙂

– Josephine

DIY Copper Chalkboard