I love flowers and I love decorating with them. With these plant pots I can draw what I want on them or maybe write what the pots contain (herbs etc.). They are really simple and cheap to make. The supplies are linked below.


The supplies needed for this project are few and can be bought in hardware stores. In the below boxes you will find our recommendations for where to buy the supplies.
Clay Plant Pot (International)(US)
Chalkboard Paint (International)(US)
Paint Brush (International)(US)


1. The clay plant pots are actually ready to go for the painting. Grab your chalkboard paint and paint the pots at least a couple of times. You can use either an ordinary brush or a sponge in order to get a more even surface.

If you want you can further decorate the plant pots by painting with another colour maybe in dots or with a soft sponge. You could also glue glitter on them to shine them up and give them a festive look. The possibilities are many 🙂

– Josephine