So lately I have been focusing a lot on creating cool coasters and after I did the Chalkboard Plant Pots I had some chalkboard paint leftover which I played around with a little and decided to paint some small canvasses that I bought a while back (because I thought they looked cute 😉 ).



I started out by painting the canvasses with a rather thick layer of chalkboard paint. I found it a bit difficult to even out the texture of the canvas but eventually I thought the look was kind of cool. In the picture above you see a lot of texture because of the lighting, but it is not that visible in “normal” daylight.
After letting the paint dry I glued the canvasses to the cork coasters. As you can see the measurements of the two items are the same widths and lengths. So you have to carefully position them straight on top of each other.
Once the glue is dry you can personalize your coaster whatever way you like. I can see that I need to buy a chalk pen instead – that will give me a way better look than the dry chalk.