A New Work Desk | IKEA Hack

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In the process of creating my new office, one of the most important pieces to sort out, is the desk. As always I really love easy and cheap DIY projects and this one is one of those. I was looking at “proper” work desks but they can actually get quite expensive, so I thought: why […]

Upcycling a Chest of Drawers | IKEA Hack

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For a while now, I have been working on creating a proper work space for me at home. I finally made some space in our “walk-in-closet”-styled spare bedroom, so now I just have to decorate it – which is the fun part 🙂 Now, I really like to create new or improved things out of stuff I already […]

Marble Makeup Organizer

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This project actually came about because I was moving all my stuff back into the apartment and ended up with a couple of used cardboard boxes and a lot of makeup just rolling around the drawers. So I decided to make a DIY makeup organizer for the drawers to divide them into smaller compartments. For […]

Marbled Jewelry Box

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One of the things that I brought with me back home from Australia was a little marbled cardboard box that I used to store all of my jewelry. Now, naturally all of my earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces were just lying in one big pile in the box. So, when I got back home I decided […]

Marbled Boxes

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Creating a beautiful aesthetic in your home doesn’t necessarily have to be too difficult. By changing just a few things and making sure to keep an overall theme – you’ll have a beautiful home in no time. This DIY project is very easy yet super effective. Learn how you can create your own Marbled Boxes […]

Marbled Tray

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I like creating things that are both nice to look at and serves at purpose. For this DIY I had an old photo frame just sitting on my desk, so I decided to fix it up a bit and turn it into a Marble Tray. This is a very quick and easy DIY project where […]

Organize and plan your outfits – DIY project

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As part of one of my course projects I designed and created a piece of furniture to organize and plan my outfits. I have closets full of clothes but I don’t really use all of it all the time. Instead I wear the same outfits over and over in some periods and then I change […]

Clay Marbled Magnets

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We have now been in Brisbane for two whole months! I can’t believe how fast time’s moving. I’m continuously trying to create a homely feel in our hotel-apartment and at the moment I’m focusing on the kitchen (have you seen my previous post on personalized magnets?) I actually had to create these two times, because I […]

Personalized Fridge Magnets

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We are settling in to our new apartment but still needed to personalize it a bit. Therefore, I had some pictures developed as Photo Booth styled pictures via Polabora.They offer free worldwide shipping and I have used them to print other photos as Polaroid-styled photos as well and it works great! EDIT 12-09-2016: I have […]

DIY Calendar – Back-to-school

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This is a fun and easy tutorial on how to create your very own stylish calendar. Whether you are starting a new school year or just like to keep a diary/calendar, this is definitely worth a try. I got a calendar from my grandmother to take it with me to Australia and use it to […]