My partner and I are invited to go to a wedding in Madrid in May 2018 - and I'm just very excited. 1 - I've never been to Madrid 2 - It's a wedding... in Madrid! This post contains affiliate links to cashback services (where you receive cash for signing up using the links) and booking sites. Please feel free to not use them (or do ūüėČ ). I always like to travel as cheaply as I can but without compromising. I'm not 18 anymore, and I don't want to sit in an airport for 8 hours just so that I can get flight tickets that are $20 cheaper. So first, I looked at which travel dates to pick compared to the price of the flights and accommodation. In general, flying out on either a Monday or Wednesday is the cheapest option, so I decided to look for that. ... Read More
Let's start the new year by planning to travel! Travelling is amazing but can be a very expensive activity. So, I always look for opportunities to go traveling - when I can fit it in with studies, work, and family - without spending too much money. There are couple of steps to go through, to make sure that you get the best deals possible. Key takeaway: Always check several website for the best price and always look for cashback rewards. This post contains affiliate links! This means that whenever you click on one of the links and buy something, I will get a commission. This will not add anything to the price that you would have payed otherwise but you will get a cash bonus using my links. Planning If you already know that you want/need to be in a certain place at a certain data, book in advance as ... Read More
In case you missed part 1 or part 2. This post includes affiliate links from Day 20 We drove to Nelson where we stayed at Amber Court Motor Lodge. We had decided to stay in a place where we had our own shower and kitchen, which we got here. And, lucky for us, we were upgraded when we arrived, which was really great. The place itself is a little bit outside of Nelson city centre however, it was just a 15 minute walk from the beach so we took advantage of that and when we got to the beach - it was crowded with people walking their dogs! It was absolutely wonderful ūüôā Day 21 I had read that one place to visit in Nelson, was the "Ring Maker" of the One ring from Lord of the Rings - so naturally, we had to get see that. We drove ... Read More
In case you missed part 1 or want to go straight to part 3. This post includes affiliate links from Day 10   We flew into Queenstown where we stayed at Pinewood Lodge - fairly priced and walking distance from the city center. We really liked Queenstown. In the winter people go there to ski and you can clearly feel the crisp air and good vibes even though we were there in the summer (February). When we walked down the main road of Queenstown, we saw a huge line down the pavement. It turned out to be a burger bar called: Fergburger. We later discovered that it's a very well-known burger - and yes the burgers were great! We enjoyed them down by the lake. Day 11   The next day we went shopping for sleeping backs, sleeping pads, a miniature gas stove, and food (basically noodles and soups) for the ... Read More
See part 2 and part 3. After being in Australia for 7 months, my partner and I decided that it was time to head back home to Denmark. But not straight away, we wanted to travel to New Zealand first, which had been a dream of ours since we came to Australia the first time. Since we basically decided to go to New Zealand a week before we actually went, we didn't have a lot of time to plan our trip. However, we ended up deciding to spend 10 days on the North Island and then 20 days on the South Island.  This post includes affiliate links from Since we didn't have that much time to plan our trip, we quickly had to come up with a guideline for what we wanted to see and how we wanted to do it. We're both fans of the Lord of the Rings ... Read More
I have been staying in Brisbane for a little over a month now and in that time, I have tried to experience as much of Brisbane as possible (while studying that is). I enjoy walking a lot and many of the things that I have experienced during my time here have happened because I have stumbled across them. This list contains very different things to do and see, from shopping to hiking. Most of these things can be enjoyed for free - as a student I enjoy that ūüėČ 1. Roma Street Parklands This is a beautiful park in the middle of Brisbane with flowers, benches and even a small rainforest. It is a great place for taking a walk or to sit and work (I especially like to work on my blog or study and with free WiFi it could not be better) 2. Brisbane City Markets If there ... Read More
So, at least two awesome things happened this week: First, we went to see We Will Rock You here at QPAC in Brisbane and it was absolutely incredible. Second, I finally got my hands on the Harry Potter book! I am so excited about it and to be honest, when I first opened the book and read Harry Potter's name, I got a little tear in my eye... The stage for We Will Rock You, Brisbane About the Queen musical, I have been a huge fan of Queen ever since I can remember. When I was younger I found YouTube videos of the musical which I watched so many times. I really wanted to go see the musical and back in 2012 I went to London where I went to go see the musical and it was such a great experience. One of the first thing I saw when we arrived ... Read More
Sometimes you just get lucky. We went to see the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra on Monday night after I won two tickets to the show along with a nights stay at the Sofitel hotel in Brisbane Central. The QPAC concert hall I had entered in a competition online and then forgotten about it. Then I received an e-mail saying that I was their winner and that I could pick up my tickets before the concert and that I had already been booked in at Sofitel. It was unreal and I wasn't really sure that it was true until I went to the hotel, checked in and went to pick up the tickets. Everything was already arranged, so my boyfriend and I just relaxed and enjoyed a night out. It was an incredible experience, both seeing and listening to the orchestra but also experiencing the QPAC (Queensland Performing Arts Centre). The concert was amazing ... Read More
We found an apartment in the middle of Brisbane city. It's on the 27. floor and we have the most amazing view over the city. However, getting there took some time and a couple of really stressful days. This is our view over the city... Before we left for Australia I had booked us a couple of nights at a hostel. Even though I had spent several hours searching for apartments online I hadn't pursued anything, mainly because it would be impossible to make decision based on some pictures online. However, I do have a piece of advice: Try to book inspections before you arrive. This way you will be able to go look at places to live in the first few days. Since we did not do this it took us a couple of days before we even went to go look at apartments. A couple of days might not sound like a ... Read More
We have arrived in Brisbane and the first couple of weeks were spent acclimating to the Australian weather and culture. All in all the culture is not so very different from the Danish culture, but the weather is a whole lot better... The beautiful Treasury Hotel We stayed at Minto (hostel) which is located on the South side of the river in West End. From there we could easily walk to the river and the city center. The hostel was cheap (which is why we booked the accommodation) however the building was very old and situated right next to a main road to the city which meant constant noise. Luckily we only had to stay there until we found a more permanent place which we did after only one week! One of the first things that I noticed about Brisbane is that there is always something going on somewhere in the ... Read More
So, projects have been a little slow lately because I have been working on something completely different: Moving to Australia. I am so excited and a little bit nervous - I mean, it's on the other side of the Earth. Getting my passport ready | Passport Cover from Etsy When I was 20 I went to Namibia (Africa) and then Australia as part of a gap year. In Namibia I did some volunteer work and in Australia I went backpacking along the East coast. This was the first big trip that I did by myself and I absolutely fell in love with travelling. A couple of years later I went on a three-month journey with my boyfriend where we visited: South Africa, Nepal, Australia and Thailand. When we were in a Australia, we went to Brisbane. One day we were walking along the river, looking at all the people and taking everything ... Read More