Chalkboard Coasters

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So lately I have been focusing a lot on creating cool coasters and after I did the Chalkboard Plant Pots I hadĀ some chalkboard paint leftover which I played around with a little and decided to paint some small canvasses that I bought a while back (because I thought they looked cute šŸ˜‰ ). Supplies Cork […]

Japanese Bonsai Trees

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I have always had a big interest in Japanese culture and nature. Especially Japanese Gardens with their intricate fauna and garden architecture. One part of the Japanese Gardens that I love is the Bonsai trees. I live in an apartment and therefore do not have that much space for trees to grow. This is where […]

Rock Coasters

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I love nature, especially here in the spring I love going to the forest and enjoying all the plants, trees and animals. What I really want to do is to implement that into my own home. Also I was inspired by a project that I did a while back: The Bath Mat Project where I […]

Easy Homemade Clay

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As always I was looking around on Instagram and Pinterest to get new inspiration for projects. I always like to both pin and like a lot of posts but I never seem to get around to actually doing the projects. Do any of you feel the same? I really need to figure out a way […]

World Map with Polaroids

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For a long time I have wanted to decorate my walls with something unique. First I thought about having some travelling photos printed out and frame them on the walls. But then I bought a big wall sticker in the shape of a world map that I wanted to put on a wall. However I […]

Chalkboard with Copper Bars

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Getting a lot of inspiration from Pinterest I saw this chalkboard on the wall in a kitchen with shelves which I thought was really cool. Therefore I wanted to do something like that myself because I have a big flat surface on the side of my fridge which wasn’t being used for anything. I went […]

Bath Mat With Rocks/Tiles And Moss

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I came across some pictures on Pinterest with a bath mat that had been covered with small round stones and I thought it looked really nice. However, I wanted to add something extra to create a more magical feeling and the look of a forest floor in the bathroom. That’s where the moss come in. […]

Giant Doily Rug

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I am completely in love with this giant doily – the design is so cute. In general I love all things that are either miniature versions or enlarged versions of things.Ā This crocheted rug is created from a fairily simple recipe that can be found here.Ā In this project two skeins of yarn was used at a […]

Purple Elephant

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I found the pattern for this crocheted purple elephant on a really cool crochet blog called: All About Ami. This blogger creates the most beautiful crochet projects and it’s a really good source of inspiration. The blog and crochet recipe can be foundĀ here. For this project the ears were not fitted with fabric however, that […]

Chalkboard Plant Pots

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I love flowers and I love decorating with them. With these plant pots I can draw what I want on them or maybe writeĀ what the pots contain (herbs etc.). They are really simple and cheapĀ to make. The supplies are linked below. Supplies The supplies needed for this project are few and can be bought in […]