This weekend I decided to relax and treat myself a bit. So, I went out and bought a couple of face masks and also made some myself. I really wanted to try the black peel-off masks that are supposed to be really good for deep-cleaning your skin, so I was looking for that. I ended up buying the Bioré Self-Heating One Minute Mask at Priceline (you can get it at Ulta as well). I have also done a couple of homemade face masks which I will show you here. Tip: Before using any face mask - boil some water, put it in a bowl and carefully give yourself a steam bath. It'll help open up your pores which will help the face masks work better. 1. Bioré Self-Heating One Minute Mask First off: This was not a peel-off mask (I'm not sure why I thought it was). However, I used it anyway ... Read More
When packing to move abroad I had to decide what to bring with me and what to leave at home. To be completely honest, I spent a LOT of time deciding what to bring - it's really not easy having to limit yourself to one suitcase when leaving for more than a year. But I did it and here a my very favorite, basic beauty supplies and jewelry. These are a few of my favorite beauty products Face: Bio Oil I use this and only this on my face and neck. I started using it because I have several acne scars and I have previously used it for treatment of other scars. Another reason I started using it was because it will help slow down the maturing of the skin (according to the leaflet). Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel Before I started using Bio Oil I used this everyday. Now, ... Read More
One of the things that I love about summer is the chance to wear dresses and t-shirts and not having to cover everything up all the time. Before I go shopping for new clothes whether it is summer clothes or just "regular" clothes I always try to get as much inspiration as possible. One of my favorite places to go for inspiration is Pinterest. From there I go through tons of websites with clothes and inspiration. I pin all the outfits that I like on a board and afterwards I will go back to that board and look at what I have chosen. Often the different outfits will have similarities so I quickly discover the style that I am looking for and I will then go to my favorite web stores and find similar styles. Here I will show you a couple of the outfits that I have completely fallen ... Read More
This post will give you an overview of all the tips and tricks that I have picked up through extensive research into the subject of weight loss and my own personal experiences. A quick and important disclaimer: I am not an educated health specialist or weight loss coach. I have just been very interested in my own weight loss and how I could optimize it. After I finished writing this post I realized that it goes beyond the subject of weight loss and into the subject of well being and happiness. So, use it to help your weight loss or maybe to change other perspectives of your life 🙂 1. Use a food diary. I personally use My Net Diary (both web and app (IOS) (Android) and have found this to be extremely helpful and I would probably never have lost any weight at all without. The problem is that I initially ... Read More