In the process of creating my new office, one of the most important pieces to sort out, is the desk. As always I really love easy and cheap DIY projects and this one is one of those. I was looking at "proper" work desks but they can actually get quite expensive, so I thought: why not make my own?! I already had an old table top from IKEA (they sell ... Read More
For a while now, I have been working on creating a proper work space for me at home. I finally made some space in our "walk-in-closet"-styled spare bedroom, so now I just have to decorate it - which is the fun part 🙂 Now, I really like to create new or improved things out of stuff I already have in my home, because I really like to save money.. (or to just spend ... Read More
This project actually came about because I was moving all my stuff back into the apartment and ended up with a couple of used cardboard boxes and a lot of makeup just rolling around the drawers. So I decided to make a DIY makeup organizer for the drawers to divide them into smaller compartments. For this DIY project you'll need these items: ⁕ Marble Contact Paper (Amazon - Affiliate Link) ... Read More
One of the things that I brought with me back home from Australia was a little marbled cardboard box that I used to store all of my jewelry. Now, naturally all of my earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces were just lying in one big pile in the box. So, when I got back home I decided to use the marbled box to create a real Jewelry Box. This really doesn't look ... Read More
Creating a beautiful aesthetic in your home doesn't necessarily have to be too difficult. By changing just a few things and making sure to keep an overall theme - you'll have a beautiful home in no time. This DIY project is very easy yet super effective. Learn how you can create your own Marbled Boxes (or any other pattern or color!). This DIY project is super easy and only requires ... Read More
I like creating things that are both nice to look at and serves at purpose. For this DIY I had an old photo frame just sitting on my desk, so I decided to fix it up a bit and turn it into a Marble Tray. This is a very quick and easy DIY project where you're only going to need two or three(!) items. I used these three things: ⁕ An ... Read More
As part of one of my course projects I designed and created a piece of furniture to organize and plan my outfits. I have closets full of clothes but I don't really use all of it all the time. Instead I wear the same outfits over and over in some periods and then I change and use other outfits in other periods. At the same time I have been bothered ... Read More
We have now been in Brisbane for two whole months! I can't believe how fast time's moving. I'm continuously trying to create a homely feel in our hotel-apartment and at the moment I'm focusing on the kitchen (have you seen my previous post on personalized magnets?) I actually had to create these two times, because I accidentally bought a translucent white clay and I added too much black clay, so they ... Read More
We are settling in to our new apartment but still needed to personalize it a bit. Therefore, I had some pictures developed as Photo Booth styled pictures via Polabora.They offer free worldwide shipping and I have used them to print other photos as Polaroid-styled photos as well and it works great! EDIT 12-09-2016: I have just discovered that they actually offer Mini Squares, where you can have 24 photos printed ... Read More
This is a fun and easy tutorial on how to create your very own stylish calendar. Whether you are starting a new school year or just like to keep a diary/calendar, this is definitely worth a try. I got a calendar from my grandmother to take it with me to Australia and use it to capture all my new adventures. It was a Mayland calendar (very popular Danish brand). The cool ... Read More
I was going through my jewelry trying to find a pair of earrings that I really wanted to wear. But because all of my jewelry is in several boxes without any organisation it took me a long while. So I decided that I wanted to organise it a little bit - that is my next project. I started out by creating these small Cork Coaster Organizers. These can only hold a ... Read More
Love - is like a beautiful flower which I may not touch but whose fragrance makes the garden a place of delight just the same For my latest project I decided to finally make these cute light bulb vases. A long time ago I saw some pictures on Pinterest of light bulbs used as terrariums and other artistic ideas but I just never got around to actually make them myself ... Read More
After a stressful period with exams and work I finally had some time to start creating new projects again. The first idea I got came from looking at the empty coffee containers from all the coffee I have been consuming... Besides the coffee containers I also bought some small glass containers a long time ago for my spice rack. They are from a Danish store called "Sinnerup" and the brand is ... Read More
I was doing a DIY project the other day (Glass Containers) and got very frustrated when I tried to remove the labels from the containers that I was upcycling because of the sticky residue that I couldn't remove. After trying to remove the residue with my fingers I decided to try out some other remedies. First, I tried rubbing alcohol however that did not work at all. Then I tried ... Read More
This is a guide on how to make a Foundation Single Crochet with pictures and a video to help explain it more clearly. The cool thing about Foundation Single Crochet stitches is that it combines the chain stitch with the first row. Once you get a hang of it, it is a fast way to skip one step, but it does take some practice. I have tried to outline the steps ... Read More
I know it's a little late to start making a scarf since spring is finally here. But on the other hand you will now have about 8 months to complete it in 🙂 I found a picture of this type of scarf on Pinterest and was intrigued by the way the yarn is ribbed and almost looks like it has been knitted. I decided to put my own spin on ... Read More
So lately I have been focusing a lot on creating cool coasters and after I did the Chalkboard Plant Pots I had some chalkboard paint leftover which I played around with a little and decided to paint some small canvasses that I bought a while back (because I thought they looked cute 😉 ). Supplies Cork Coasters Chalkboard Paint Paint Brush Glue Miniature Canvas(4x4") Process I started out by painting the ... Read More
I have always had a big interest in Japanese culture and nature. Especially Japanese Gardens with their intricate fauna and garden architecture. One part of the Japanese Gardens that I love is the Bonsai trees. I live in an apartment and therefore do not have that much space for trees to grow. This is where Bonsai trees come in handy since they are small. I didn't just want to buy ... Read More
I love nature, especially here in the spring I love going to the forest and enjoying all the plants, trees and animals. What I really want to do is to implement that into my own home. Also I was inspired by a project that I did a while back: The Bath Mat Project where I still had some rocks leftover. One problem with using natural rocks is that it is ... Read More
As always I was looking around on Instagram and Pinterest to get new inspiration for projects. I always like to both pin and like a lot of posts but I never seem to get around to actually doing the projects. Do any of you feel the same? I really need to figure out a way to plan and execute the projects that I find. Anyway, I found this really simple recipe ... Read More
For a long time I have wanted to decorate my walls with something unique. First I thought about having some travelling photos printed out and frame them on the walls. But then I bought a big wall sticker in the shape of a world map that I wanted to put on a wall. However I thought it would take up quite some wall space and then I would only be ... Read More
Getting a lot of inspiration from Pinterest I saw this chalkboard on the wall in a kitchen with shelves which I thought was really cool. Therefore I wanted to do something like that myself because I have a big flat surface on the side of my fridge which wasn't being used for anything. I went out and bought a roll of a chalkboard sticker and some copper bars and started ... Read More
I came across some pictures on Pinterest with a bath mat that had been covered with small round stones and I thought it looked really nice. However, I wanted to add something extra to create a more magical feeling and the look of a forest floor in the bathroom. That's where the moss come in. There are lots of different kinds of mosses - you can go to the nearest ... Read More
I am completely in love with this giant doily - the design is so cute. In general I love all things that are either miniature versions or enlarged versions of things. This crocheted rug is created from a fairily simple recipe that can be found here. In this project two skeins of yarn was used at a time along with a 12 mm hook. In the recipe there is a possibility of ... Read More
I found the pattern for this crocheted purple elephant on a really cool crochet blog called: All About Ami. This blogger creates the most beautiful crochet projects and it's a really good source of inspiration. The blog and crochet recipe can be found here. For this project the ears were not fitted with fabric however, that is a definite possibility and will give the elephant a really sweet look. Supplies For ... Read More
I love flowers and I love decorating with them. With these plant pots I can draw what I want on them or maybe write what the pots contain (herbs etc.). They are really simple and cheap to make. The supplies are linked below. Supplies The supplies needed for this project are few and can be bought in hardware stores. In the below boxes you will find our recommendations for where to buy ... Read More
I went to a sale in an interior design store and found these simple white ceramic cups with some text on them for a very reasonable price and I thought that I did need some new storage ideas for my makeup so I bought them. I went home, found my faithful copper spray and after a layer of primer and a layer of white paint I sprayed it copper with ... Read More