Wanting to be an entrepreneur

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I haven’t written much about this on here before, but I have always known that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I love finding new ideas to solve problems that I find around me and being in charge of my own time is very important to me. When I was younger, I once bought some […]

Going on an Adventure – NZ part 2

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This post includes affiliate links from Booking.com   Day 10     We flew into Queenstown where we stayed at Pinewood Lodge – fairly priced and walking distance from the city center. We really liked Queenstown. In the winter people go there to ski and you can clearly feel the crisp air and good vibes even […]

Puppy News

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Since the beginning of our relationship, Mark and I have talked about getting a dog. We both love dogs and have both had dogs at our parents’. However, since we’ve always been travelling we figured that we would wait. After arriving home from Australia and New Zealand we figured, why not now? Meet the latest […]

Going on an Adventure – NZ part 1

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After being in Australia for 7 months, my partner and I decided that it was time to head back home to Denmark. But not straight away, we wanted to travel to New Zealand first, which had been a dream of ours since we came to Australia the first time. Since we basically decided to go […]

A New Work Desk | IKEA Hack

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In the process of creating my new office, one of the most important pieces to sort out, is the desk. As always I really love easy and cheap DIY projects and this one is one of those. I was looking at “proper” work desks but they can actually get quite expensive, so I thought: why […]

Upcycling a Chest of Drawers | IKEA Hack

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For a while now, I have been working on creating a proper work space for me at home. I finally made some space in our “walk-in-closet”-styled spare bedroom, so now I just have to decorate it – which is the fun part 🙂 Now, I really like to create new or improved things out of stuff I already […]

Marbled Contact Paper

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Decorate and organize your home with these easy diy’s – all using basic materials that you might have lying around and the common denominator: Marble Contact Paper. I got mine at Amazon(affiliate link). Marbled Tray Cosmetics Drawer / Organizer Marbled Boxes Marbled Jewelry Organizer

Marble Makeup Organizer

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This project actually came about because I was moving all my stuff back into the apartment and ended up with a couple of used cardboard boxes and a lot of makeup just rolling around the drawers. So I decided to make a DIY makeup organizer for the drawers to divide them into smaller compartments. For […]

Marbled Jewelry Box

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One of the things that I brought with me back home from Australia was a little marbled cardboard box that I used to store all of my jewelry. Now, naturally all of my earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces were just lying in one big pile in the box. So, when I got back home I decided […]

Marbled Boxes

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Creating a beautiful aesthetic in your home doesn’t necessarily have to be too difficult. By changing just a few things and making sure to keep an overall theme – you’ll have a beautiful home in no time. This DIY project is very easy yet super effective. Learn how you can create your own Marbled Boxes […]