Celebrating Christmas in Australia was a very different experience, especially when you’re from Denmark where Christmas is a huge event that is thoroughly celebrated. First of all, it’s very hot in Brisbane at the moment, after all it’s summer down here. Second of all, Christmas is always a family holiday (in my family anyways) and celebrating Christmas without them is a little strange – lucky that I have my boyfriend with me… 🙂 We had a wonderful Christmas Eve (on the 24th) with traditional Danish Christmas dishes like Duck with Brown Sauce, Red Cabbage, Sugarcoated Potatoes and Rice pudding for dessert. We also threw in a little Aussie-style with a Prawn-Cocktail for starters.

We decorated the apartment with a lot of “crawl-gnomes”
I’m still in the middle of celebrating Christmas and I’m already starting to get ready for New Year’s Eve – or at least planning for it.


In general, sequins are the way to go for New Year’s Eve – they add the party and glam to any outfit.
My approach to finding an outfit for New Year’s Eve (or any occasion) is to first find inspiration and then see if I have any clothes that resemble what I like. If not, I go online and check my favorite online shops to look for affordable clothes that match my vision.
First of, some inspiration:

Instagram: @suattiworld

Since I’m in Australia at the moment and it’s hot here, I’m looking for something that is not too warm – hence the bare legs…
And here are some of the affordable alternatives that I found that matched the style-inspiration take from the pictures above:
All of these are from Asos.com where I buy most of my clothes.






Tip! If you already own a black skirt and pumps – pair them with either a glitter top or a glitter blazer for that little extra party feel!
I will most likely end up with one of my favorite little black dresses and pumps and then add some sparkle with a blazer, bag or just my jewelry (over-sized).
I don’t normally wear a lot of makeup but I still find it really fascinating and I love watching YouTube videos of people doing their makeup. For New Year’s Eve though I always experiment with a full face of makeup and this year is no exception. To get ready for it, I go online (both Pinterest and YouTube) and see if I can’t get some inspiration.
I have create a Pinterest Board with my favorite looks:


I hope that you find this list useful and that you have a fantastic New Year!
– Josephine