In the process of creating my new office, one of the most important pieces to sort out, is the desk.
As always I really love easy and cheap DIY projects and this one is one of those. I was looking at “proper” work desks but they can actually get quite expensive, so I thought: why not make my own?!
I already had an old table top from IKEA (they sell both tabletops and legs separately) so I went to IKEA and got some table legs (which were on sale) and a white wood stain. It really doesn’t have to be complicated to change the look and feel of your home. Think: Neutral colors (or black and white) for the most part and then start to add splashes of color.

Here’s a list of what I used:

⁕ Table legs (from IKEA, they don’t carry these anymore – which is probably why they were on sale however they do have a couple of others that I would definitely consider: HILVER and LERBERG)
⁕ Wood stain (BEHANDLA in white from IKEA)
⁕ Electric screw driver and drill


This is just a really simple DIY project. I started with painting the table top with the wood stain.


And then I attached the legs which I don’t have any picture of – sorry. It’s important to first visualize where you want the legs to be and then draw small dots where the screws are placed to make sure that everything is even. I placed the legs in each corner approximately 1.5 cm away from the edges.
 In my case I had to drill small holes for the screws before screwing them in. Make sure to drill holes that are smaller than the actual screws.

After attaching each leg:

 And Voilà! You have yourself a brand new and stylish work desk!

– Josephine