When packing to move abroad I had to decide what to bring with me and what to leave at home. To be completely honest, I spent a LOT of time deciding what to bring – it’s really not easy having to limit yourself to one suitcase when leaving for more than a year. But I did it and here a my very favorite, basic beauty supplies and jewelry.

These are a few of my favorite beauty products


Bio Oil
I use this and only this on my face and neck. I started using it because I have several acne scars and I have previously used it for treatment of other scars. Another reason I started using it was because it will help slow down the maturing of the skin (according to the leaflet).
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel
Before I started using Bio Oil I used this everyday. Now, I use it when I feel like my skin needs a little extra moisturizing.


Biotherm Lait Coporel
I have used this moisturizer for several years and the reasons I love it are that it’s: easy to apply; smells wonderful, and moisturizes really well.
Vichy Anti-Transpirant 48H
I like this deodorant a lot because it keeps me fresh and has a neutral smell.


Argan Oil of Morocco
I switched from other hair oils to using this argan oil a couple of years ago and I have never looked back. I love the texture, smell and non-stickiness of it.

These are my all-time favorite pieces of jewelry

Guess Watch – Macy’s.This was a gift from my boyfriend and I love the elegant style. It goes with everything and works as a beautiful bracelet as well.
Pearl Ring – Pandora. I wear this ring everyday and it goes with every outfit.
Pearl Earrings – I got these from Zenchuwhere I have also gotten a pair with white pearls and matching bracelet and necklace. They are so beautiful.
Statement Necklace – I got this necklace while on holiday in Germany. It was very cheap and I just bought it with the intend on wearing one time and then throw it out. However, it is an amazing piece of jewelry that can really dress up an outfit (fancy dress or a simple black dress).
Sapphire Earrings – These were a gift from my boyfriend and they a so classy and elegant.
These were the most basic of my favorite things that I have used for several years. I like experimenting and trying on new things but it takes a lot for me to substitute one of my favorites from this list.

– Josephine