Month: September 2016

Clinique Freebies

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I’m 26 and I think it’s time… to start using eye cream. I guess you have to begin before actually seeing any changes in your skin so that’s what I’m going to do. One of my all-time favorite skin care brand is Clinique however, I do not often buy it because it does cost more than […]

Spring Break + Mini Haul

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In Australia it’s spring – and that means spring break woo hoo (anyone else remembers that gem from Friends?) My plans for this week? Doing absolutely nothing… except focusing on DIY projects and I am so excited. That’s why I kicked my Friday off my going on a mini shopping spree for things to be […]

Clay Marbled Magnets

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We have now been in Brisbane for two whole months! I can’t believe how fast time’s moving. I’m continuously trying to create a homely feel in our hotel-apartment and at the moment I’m focusing on the kitchen (have you seen my previous post on personalized magnets?) I actually had to create these two times, because I […]

Personalized Fridge Magnets

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We are settling in to our new apartment but still needed to personalize it a bit. Therefore, I had some pictures developed as Photo Booth styled pictures via Polabora.They offer free worldwide shipping and I have used them to print other photos as Polaroid-styled photos as well and it works great! EDIT 12-09-2016: I have […]

10 things to experience in Brisbane

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I have been staying in Brisbane for a little over a month now and in that time, I have tried to experience as much of Brisbane as possible (while studying that is). I enjoy walking a lot and many of the things that I have experienced during my time here have happened because I have […]