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How to motivate yourself to get things done | Self-Motivation

So, I’m currently in the process of writing my master thesis (an engineering degree called: Product Development and Innovation from SDU Odense) and as always, when I have a project that needs to be worked on – I find it difficult to motivate myself and focus! Not because the subject doesn’t interest me, but often because starting a big project can seem incredibly overwhelming.
To keep myself on track and to motivate myself to get things done, I’m using a couple of tips that I want to share with you as well – and hopefully we’ll both gain from them.

These are my guidelines to the question: “how to motivate yourself to get things done”

1. Clear your mind

This is the first thing that I do to clear my mind: I clean up my physical environment – whether that is my desktop, office or living room.
I then focus on each of the things that I have floating around in my mind and write them down to get them out of the way. This clears my head so much, because I then don’t have to constantly worry about forgetting stuff. Following that, I make sure to complete the smaller tasks that I know I have to do, like call the bank, check my account etc. and then cross them off my list – so fulfilling.

2. Clean your computer

Since most of my work is on the computer, I have to clean that up as well. Now this might seem a bit strange, but unsubscribing from unnecessary emails that keep filling up my inbox, removing icons from my desktop, and closing tabs (I always have at least 10 tabs open at once) are all small tasks that just make my day so much more manageable.

3. Organize your project


Create a project plan with deadlines


Then, create folders that correspond to your project: Research, Report, Appendix, Administrative stuff, Graphics, Final Report etc.


Outline your project. If you’re writing an academic report (a master thesis in my case), open up a blank document and create headlines for all the main segments that you will need in your final report.

4. Challenge yourself

Setting daily goals and sticking to them can be a big challenge for me. I have to divide my goals up to even smaller pieces like:

5. Reward yourself

Focus in on the typical procrastinating stuff that you do, and turn them into your rewards. For instance: I like to play online games, so I will

Another huge reward for me is either food or coffee / tea, so I’ll tell myself that I have to finish reading this article before I go and make myself a sandwich.

I hope you’ll be able to use these tips to help you focus on completing your projects, assignments, reports or whatever you have going on. Even if you don’t have a pressing project at the moment, you can still use these tips to gain more energy and zen in your everyday life.

~ Josephine

How to motivate yourself to get things done | DIYDenmark Blog


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